Where Are Electric Car Charging Points?

So far, Electric Car Charging Points have been installed mainly at supermarkets and petrol stations around the country, with approximately 35,000 charge point connectors available to date. With both Governmental and Public focus geared towards driving green, we can expect this availability to increase considerably.

A UK Charging Points map can be found here.

How Do I Charge an Electric Car?

Electric vehicles, believe it or not, run on electricity and take electricity to charge. You can plug straight into a normal 3-pin socket in your home, though the average time to full charge is around 12 hours when using this method.

Rapid charge points at supermarkets and petrol stations are more powerful, with the average car up to 80% charge in under an hour.

For dedicated home charge point options, see Pod Point.

Is an Electric Car Right for Me?

As a rule of thumb, if you drive less than 100 miles a day, then an electric car will comfortably suit your needs. They are the ideal transport option for those short, inner-city trips, where charge points are more common and environmental benefits are more pronounced. Once home, just plugin and forget about it until the following morning.

How Long Do Electric Cars Last?

Currently, Electric Cars are expected to have similar longevity to their petrol/diesel counterparts (14-20 years). No Electric Vehicle is that old yet though, so the proof will be in the pudding as to how long they really last. However, with the costs continuing to come down on the batteries that run them, and with the battery being the most likely part to deteriorate with time, there is a widely shared expectation in the automotive world that Electric Vehicles will cost less to maintain over the years, and last several years longer.

Will An Electric Car Score With The Ladies?

Many people love cars for their aesthetic appeal. For many people, being at the wheel of a nice looking car makes them nicer looking. And these people, as illusive as they may be, might just be wondering how sexy an Electric Car really is. Don’t women love a slick convertible with a V8 louder than a sonic boom?

Well, things have changed. You rocking up in your new Electric Car makes a statement. You are an environmentally conscious and forward-thinking modern traveller. And with Electric Cars much quicker to accelerate, you’ll leave those outdated polluters in the dust.

And What About Men?

It would hardly be a modern choice if we didn’t also consider the appeal to the modern man. An Electric Car is not only environmentally friendly and quick off the mark, it’s the choice for practicality. With investment in the sector set to continue massively over the next decade, and with affordability to the consumer a main objective of this investment, you can be rest assured than men will love your forward-thinking, economically minded choice of transport.